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Sheep CRC 2010 Conference Papers - Worm management

This Conference combined world class science with its practical application.

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Animal wellbeing research to drive future sheep productivity
Improving animal health and well-being, and positioning the sheep industry to meet changing consumer demands relating to animal welfare, will form a key plank of a new research agenda proposed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC). Click Here To Read Full Article »
Learning how to buy better rams at Queensland RamSelect
Ram selection occurs on just one day of the year but it can impact the genetic make-up and profitability of a sheep flock for years to come. Upcoming RamSelect workshops to be held across Queensland will develop the skills of commercial producers to accurately and confidently select rams to meet their breeding objective and maximise their sheep enterprise return. Click Here To Read Full Article »
New LiceBoss website empowers producers
The new LiceBoss website,, is putting the power in producers’ hands to make informed decisions about the best methods for controlling lice in their specific circumstances. The LiceBoss website has been redesigned to provide sheep producers with universal access to best-practice extension advice, without having to leave the farm. Click Here To Read Full Article »
Grazing management lowers worm burden at Kurrajong Park
A multi-pronged approach of grazing management, regular monitoring, resistance testing and strategic drenching, has been the key to managing worm burdens in the 20,000-head flock at Kurrajong Park, Coolah. Livestock manager at the Paspaley Rural property, Shane Curtis, believes that staying on top of worm populations has been the key to reducing the number of drench applications each year while also keeping the Merino flock... Click Here To Read Full Article »
ASBVs key to worm resistance and resilience at Petali
Selecting breeding stock with superior in-built resistance to worms is delivering improved growth rates and more resilient lambs for New England breeder Martin Oppenheimer. Click Here To Read Full Article »
New WormBoss website delivers on the spot advice
Sheep producers now have at their fingertips access to localised best practice advice for controlling worms, with the launch today of a revamped WormBoss website. Worms cost Australian sheep producers more than any other animal health problem and sustainable management is essential for on-farm productivity. Click Here To Read Full Article »
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