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Utilising heavy lamb carcases

Preparing the market for larger lambcarcases

The percentage of heavy lambs (those greater than 25 kg carcase weight) in Australia’s national flock is increasing due to industry wide improvements in growth rates, carcase weights and leanness; largely a result of genetic improvement. This trend is likely to continue creating a strong disconnect between industry production trends and consumer wants and needs.

DownloadPreparing the market for larger lamb carcases (538 KB)

The Nutritive Value & Eating Quality of Australian lamb cuts

New Product Development for Heavy Lambs

Large (>25kg) Lamb Grading – Cuts Information Matrix

This work is being undertaken to provide an information resource regarding large lamb cuts in terms of eating and nutritional qualities, estimated weights and the contribution to total yield, and best cooking methods. Furthermore, efforts to identify potential novel cuts with applicability to large lamb carcases is being undertaken using information from lamb and other animal species within Australian and international markets.

New cuts for larger Lambs

Compact Shoulder Roast