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Sheep DNA Testing Information

The genomic era presents the Australian sheep industry unprecedented opportunity for performance improvement. The DNA Processing Office is your online shop for the highest quality genotyping tests available.

Sheep Genotyping Information Sheet

The Sheep Genotyping test is now the standard test used by industry to genotype animals. It is available for the four major breeds – Merino, Poll Dorset, White Suffolk and Border Leicester. The Sheep Genotyping test is suitable for the four major breeds of Merino, Poll Dorset, White Suffolk and Border Leicester. To utilise the Sheep Genotyping test you need to be a member of Sheep Genetics and the animals need to be recorded with a minimum of sire pedigree in either LAMBPLAN or MERINOSELECT.

DownloadDownload Sheep_Genotyping_Test_Information_Sheet.pdf (36 KB)

New Parentage Test Information Sheet

From 7 July 2017 the Australian Innovation Company (AIC) will start reporting parentage results using a new test.  The new test uses 800 SNPs and the analysis is based on the latest Illumina chip-based technology.  The new test has been developed by GeneSeek to take advantage of recent advances in genotyping technology and will put the Australian sheep industry at the forefront. 

Importantly the new test includes all of the SNPs on the original Agena test system and ensures complete compatibility with all previous parentage test results.  The new test is also compatible with the 15k genotyping SNP test.

Parentage Test Report Information

Information on major gene effects markers and genetic defects report availabe int the Parentage Test Report.

Poll Test Information Sheet

This test provides an opportunity for breeders to identify Polled/Horned sires and dams that will slow down progress towards a purely poll flock in Merinos.

Flock Profile Test Information Sheet

20 ewes that have been randomly selected from your youngest age group are genotyped to provide an estimate of your flocks’ average Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV). This test is only available for Merinos.

Quick Start Guide to ordering Sheep DNA tests

A quick start guide on how to order Sheep DNA tests.

DNA testing form

Complete and return with your DNA samples.

DNA Collection Protocol

Collection of blood using a blood card is a quick and simple procedure that can be used for genetic testing your flock. It is imperative that each blood sample is from an individual animal and free of contaminants, such as blood from other animals or humans, or foreign material. If the sample is contaminated the accuracy of the genotyping results may be compromised.