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Sheep DNA Testing Information

The genomic era presents the Australian sheep industry unprecedented opportunity for performance improvement. The DNA Processing Office is your online shop for the highest quality genotyping tests available.

Sheep Genomic Test Information Sheet

The Genomic Test is the standard test used by industry to genotype animals. It is available for the four major breeds – Merino, Poll Dorset, White Suffolk and Border Leicester.

DownloadDownload Genomic_Test_information_sheet.pdf (171 KB)

Parentage Test Information Sheet

The Parentage Test can be used for ‘full pedigree’ – that is linking a lamb to its dam and/or sire. This test can be used on all breeds. It also identifies polled or horned sires or dams in Merinos. Accurate assignment of pedigree increases the accuracy of ASBV estimates. With increased accuracy of ASBVs the rate of genetic gain in the flock is increased. Refer to the Practical Wisdom case studies and videos at www.sheepdna.com.au for evidence of the benefits of increased accuracy.

Parentage Test Report Information

Information on major gene effects markers and genetic defects report availabe int the Parentage Test Report.

Poll Test Information Sheet

This test provides an opportunity for breeders to identify Polled/Horned (P/H) sires and dams to speed up progress towards a purely poll flock. Refer to our Practical Wisdom case studies on our website for evidence of the benefits of poll testing.

Flock Profile Test Information Sheet

Flock Profile estimates the average genetic merit of a Merino flock or drop which can be compared to the Sheep Genetics database. Flock Profile results deliver genomic breeding values for key Merino production traits, scaled to Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV) level. This allows Merino breeders to track the genetic progress of their flock and make better ram buying and selection decisions. Refer to the Practical Wisdom case studies and video links on our website for further information.

Quick Start Guide to ordering Sheep DNA tests

A quick start guide on how to order Sheep DNA tests.

DNA testing form

Complete and return with your DNA samples.

DNA Collection Protocol

Collection of blood using a blood card is a quick and simple procedure that can be used for genetic testing your flock. It is imperative that each blood sample is from an individual animal and free of contaminants, such as blood from other animals or humans, or foreign material. If the sample is contaminated the accuracy of the genotyping results may be compromised.