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PSM Glovebox Guide

Precision Sheep Management (PSM) is based on the concept of measuring and identifying animals on merit to lift flock productivity. This booklet is designed to be a starting guide for producers who appreciate the benefits available and want to implement PSM. It is not designed to be a definitive user-guide to every available method of data capture but contacts provided in the guide can provide information on additional and advanced options. The guide is a collection of proven methods that allow accurate and timely data collection which can then be used to assist in informing management and selection decisions.

The procedures cover the major classes of data:

  • Fleece data - collecting fleece weight, diameter, wool classing data in the shearing shed
  • Weigh/reproductive data - collecting liveweight, fat/condition/frame score, reproductive data in the sheep yards
  • Visual Classing scores such as conformation, quality, fleece rot, breech score in the sheep yards

This guide deals with the most basic level of data collection and the most common hardware. While computer assisted data collection options are possibly more varied, most software programs come with their own specific instructions for use.


DownloadPSM Glovebox Guide (1.8 MB)