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ASBV Case Studies

Lyndon & Sharon Kubiel

In North East Victoria commercial Merino producers Lyndon and Sharon Kubeil are successfully breeding a profitable, early-maturing Merino whilst keeping an eye on wool cut and quality.

DownloadCase Study - Lyndon and Sharon Kubeil (1.5 MB)

Matt & Bec Macarthur Onslow

Selecting rams with a combination of high performance figures in the traits most suited to their operation is delivering real productivity improvements to the flock of Matt and Bec Macarthur Onslow.

James & Lucie Peddie

For James and Lucie Peddie, sheep breeding is a relatively new venture having first cut their teeth farming as dairy producers, before moving into sheep production in 2002 and the subsequent purchase of their current property “Yalunga”, just outside of Penshurst in Western Victoria, in 2004.

Roy & Nan Robertson

Lifetime commercial sheep producers Roy and Nan Robertson are combining their industry experience and eye for good stock with the use of ASBV’s to deliver improved wool and superior first-cross lambs.

JB & Alison Tancred

The use of objective measurements has been greatly assisted since the introduction of ASBVs, which are now used alongside visual assessment when making ram selection decisions.

Glen & Jayne Tilley

At first glance Glen and Jayne Tilley’s property ‘Hillcott Grove’, near Tarlee in the Lower North of South Australia, is typical of the many mixed-farming enterprises in the area. But what separates the Tilleys’ operation from the pack is that the lamb enterprise is based largely on Merinos and that the selection of rams relies heavily on the use of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs).

Trengove Partners

A Merino breeding flock built on superior genetics selected with the help of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) is transforming a business traditionally associated with cattle production.