Postgraduate Students

Four rounds of scholarship offers have been completed, with a total of twelve students enlisted, eight undertaking PhDs and four undertaking Masters studies. Six of the research projects are aligned with Program 1—Enhanced sheep wellbeing and productivity, three with Program 2—Quality-based sheep meat value chains and three with Program 3—Faster affordable genetic gain. There will be no more rounds of scholarship offers for this CRC.


Rachel O'Reilly Jamie Barwick Emily Grant Tellisa Kearton
Program 2 Program 1 Program 1 Program 1
Murdoch University University of New England Murdoch University

University of New England

Chinese consumer perceptions of lamb eating quality Remote autonomous disease detection in sheep Automated video capture to monitor sheep wellbeing Body temperature monitoring in sheep


Maddison Corlett Steve Connaughton Mohammad Alkalaldeh Jessica Monk
Program 2 Program 2 Program 3 Program 3
Murdoch University Murdoch University University of New England CSIRO
Consumer perceptions towards lamb and yearling meat colour DEXA scanning for body composition in sheep Indentification of gene for parasite resistance in sheep

Assessing resilience and its genetic basis in sheep


Penelope Schulz Madeleine Bloomfield Brunos Santos Peter Fitzgerald
Program 1 Program 1 Program 3 Program 1
University of New England University of New England Abacus Bio

University of New England

Computer apps can significantly contribute to the future of training and extension in the sheep industry Prediction of wellbeing in sheep at risk and guidelines fo ruse of Barbervax in ewes and lambs for control of Barber's Pole Worm  

Validation and Optimization of the Australian Sheep Wellbeing Data Platform


News Releases

MERINOSELECT now mainstream practice and growing fast
Use of the objective genetic assessment tool, Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs), has grown so rapidly in the Merino industry in the last five years that close to 50% of all Merino rams are now sold by studs that are members of MERINOSELECT. Recent analysis by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) reveals that studs in MERINOSELECT now provide around half of the Merino rams used by... Click Here To Read Full Article »
DNA Flock Profile cements the foundations for new flock
Developing a flock with the right mix of genetics can take generations to perfect, but DNA testing has put Geelong sheep and wool producer Jack Briscoe on the fast track to success. Mr Briscoe is only a year into breeding his own Merino flock after branching out from his sheep contracting business by cobbling together a mixture of 800 home-bred and yard-bought ewes as his breeding base. Click Here To Read Full Article »
Science in plain English the challenge for meat industry postgrads
The next generation of leading meat industry researchers are armed with the knack of translating complicated science into everyday language, following an industry training workshop last week. Some 24 post-graduate researchers sponsored by the Sheep CRC, Meat & Livestock Australia and Australian Pork Limited, converged in Sydney for a week-long professional development course, which featured two-days of intensive... Click Here To Read Full Article »
To see your livestock’s future, just ASKBILL – new app live from Monday
Sheep producers and farm advisers are set to be wowed by the predictive power of the Sheep CRC’s latest flock-management app, ASKBILL, which will be released to industry on Monday. The web-based app,, has been designed to draw on information generated by biophysical models that use daily downloads of climate data and forecasts to provide estimates for individual farms of the risk of flystrike and... Click Here To Read Full Article »
DNA Parentage raises the bar for ASBV accuracies
DNA Parentage testing of progeny from multiple sire mating groups significantly improves the accuracy of breeding values associated with their bloodlines, a new trial has found. A genomic validation trial conducted in conjunction with Australian Wool Innovation, Sally Martin Consulting, Moses & Son, and Bluechip Livestock, used Sheep CRC DNA tests to identify parentage of the progeny of 300 ewes that had been joined in a... Click Here To Read Full Article »
RamSelect drives better buying decisions at Gates Performance Genetics
Ram buyers have never had more information at their fingertips to identify the right genetics for their individual needs, according to New England stud breeder Rick Gates, whose composite Maternal and White Suffolk rams sold to a top of $1950 last week. Mr Gates, of Gates Performance Genetics, listed his sale catalogues on the RamSelect Plus app to ensure potential buyers could find exactly the right ram for their grazing... Click Here To Read Full Article »
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