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Faster sheep DNA testing with new Australian GeneSeek lab

Sheep breeders using DNA testing to improve their genetic selections can look forward to faster turnaround times for test results thanks to Neogen Corporation’s decision to establish a genomic testing laboratory within Australia.

GeneSeek Australasia, a wholly owned subsidiary of United States-based parent company Neogen, has acquired the assets of the Animal Genetics Laboratory (AGL), based at the Gatton campus of the University of Queensland (UQ). It is Neogen’s fourth animal genomics laboratory, joining locations in the US, Scotland, and Brazil.... READ MORE

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The genomic era presents the Australian sheep industry unprecedented opportunity for performance improvement. The DNA Processing Office is your online shop for the highest quality genotyping tests available.

Breeders now have access to:

Blood Cards Sheep Genotyping Test Parentage Test Merino Poll/Horn Test Merino Flock Profile Test
Blood samples containing DNA need to be collected from all animals requiring a DNA test. This kit provides blood cards and information on collection procedures. 
There is a minimum order of 20 Blood Cards.
The Sheep Genotyping Test is now the standard test used by industry to genotype animals. It is available for the four major breeds – Merino, Poll Dorset, White Suffolk and Border Leicester. The Parentage Test can be used for ‘full pedigree’ – that is linking a lamb to its ewe and/or sire. This test can be used on all breeds. It also identifies polled or horned sires or dams in Merinos. This test provides an opportunity for breeders to identify Polled/Horned sires and dams to speed up progress towards a purely poll flock in Merinos.

20 ewes that have been randomly selected from your youngest age group are genotyped to provide an estimate of your flock average genetic merit on an Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV) scale. This test is only available for Merinos.

$1.00 each + GST (Min 20)

$35.00 each + GST $21.00 each + GST $21.00 each + GST $800.00 + GST



How to participate

  1. Read the information below on the tests available and decide which test is suitable for you.
  2. Choose your sample method:
    • Blood Cards - Click on the "ORDER FORM" link to the right to set up an account or log in to your existing account and place an order for your blood cards. Order confirmation and payment options will be emailed to you. Blood cards, collection protocol and DNA testing form are despatched to you when the blood card order has been paid. Note: Blood cards are ordered and paid for separately to the tests.
    • Tissue Sampling Method (TSUs) - please contact Allflex Australia Pty Ltd to purchase your TSUs. Note: TSUs will need to be purchased at an additional cost to the price of the test.
  3. Take the DNA samples as per the instructions.
  4. Complete the DNA testing form & lodge your test order online > ORDER FORM.
  5. Return blood samples and DNA testing form with confirmation of payment method to the DNA Processing Office. Note: Samples will not be analysed until the test order has been paid.
  6. DNA Results:
    • Parentage and Poll tests results will be emailed to you by the DNA Processing Office within 6 weeks.
    • The Sheep Genotyping test results will be reported to you, within 10 weeks, through Sheep Genetics as Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV's) and Research Breeding Values (RBV's). Note: The genotyping laboratory works in batches of 24, so smaller numbers may be delayed.

Terms & Conditions

Please download the terms and conditions below.

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New Sheep CRC parentage test from 7 July 2017

Since commencement of the SNP-based parentage testing coordinated by the Sheep CRC in 2012, the analysis has been based on 180 SNPs using the Agena MassArray (formally Sequenom) analytical system.  The test has served us well providing reliable predictions of parentage and the horn-poll trait.  There are however some limitations to the test as the number of SNPs is only just adequate for assignment of parents in situations where line-breeding is applied or where there are a number of closely-related rams.  There are also occasions when batches of samples need to be re-analysed and when this happens there are delays in the turnaround time that cause considerable frustration.

From 7 July 2017 the Australian Innovation Company (AIC) will start reporting parentage results using a new test.  The new test uses 800 SNPs and the analysis is based on the latest Illumina chip-based technology.  The new test has been developed by GeneSeek to take advantage of recent advances in genotyping technology and will put the Australian sheep industry at the forefront. 

Importantly the new test includes all of the SNPs on the original Agena test system and ensures complete compatibility with all previous parentage test results.  The new test is also compatible with the 15k genotyping SNP test.

Pricing & Information Reported

The improved test comes with a slight increase in cost and from 7 July the price for sheep parentage tests submitted to the AIC will be $21 (plus GST). 

All information available from the new test will be included in the price of the test and will include: parentage; horn-poll; markers for genes with major effects; and identification of genetic defects.

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Practical Wisdom Notes / Fact Sheets

PW4.1 New Opportunities in Genetics and Genomics

In this series:

  1. Genomics and DNA testing: new tools for ram breeders to accelerate genetic gain
  2. Breeding towards a poll flock with the Sheep CRC Poll test

  3. Sheep CRC genomic test for Merinos —what are the benefits?

  4. Sheep CRC genomic test for maternal breeds —what are the benefits?

  5. Sheep CRC genomic test for terminal breeds —what are the benefits?

  6. Using Australian Sheep Breeding Values

  7. Fat and eye muscle depth in Merino breeding programs

  8. Benefits of Reproductive Technologies in  Closed Nucleus Sheep Breeding

  9. Merinotech: Strategies to achieve a 100% PP nucleus

  10.  Using selection decisions to improve ASBVs

  11. Genomic testing ram lambs helps increase rates of index genetic gain by 50% at Centre Plus

Products & Training Resources

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ASBVs - A guide for ram buyers

Marketing your sheep with genetic data

Sheep DNA Testing Information

Reports, Articles and Presentations

Building apps for the grazing livestock industry

Wednesday 22 February 2017, 3:00pm
Biological Sciences Lecture Theatre (S003)

A symposium on the development of web-based apps designed to provide information about complex grazing systems was held on 22 February 2017.  Drawing on a broad range of expertise in livestock production, soils, pastures, data science, simulation and machine learning models the apps form a natural collection point to connect science with practice.

These are the presentations from that symposium:

Getting Started with Sheep Genetics

Sheep CRC Genomics Breakfast Workshop - LambEx 2012

News Releases

DNA Flock Profile cements the foundations for new flock
Developing a flock with the right mix of genetics can take generations to perfect, but DNA testing has put Geelong sheep and wool producer Jack Briscoe on the fast track to success. Mr Briscoe is only a year into breeding his own Merino flock after branching out from his sheep contracting business by cobbling together a mixture of 800 home-bred and yard-bought ewes as his breeding base. Click Here To Read Full Article »
Faster sheep DNA testing with new Australian GeneSeek lab
Sheep breeders using DNA testing to improve their genetic selections can look forward to faster turnaround times for test results thanks to Neogen Corporation’s decision to establish a genomic testing laboratory within Australia. GeneSeek Australasia, a wholly owned subsidiary of United States-based parent company Neogen, has acquired the assets of the Animal Genetics Laboratory (AGL), based at the Gatton campus of the... Click Here To Read Full Article »
Dramatic increase in early season searches on RamSelect
Inquiry for rams through RamSelect has never been stronger with a dramatic increase in the number of buyers searching the site so far this season compared to last year. More than 1129 ram searches were conducted on RamSelect during July, compared to just 154 at the same time last year. Click Here To Read Full Article »
DNA testing to drive new era of ewe competitions
The traditional ewe competition is set to enter the innovation era with the inclusion of DNA Flock Profile tests as part of next year’s Doug Bicket Memorial Ewe trial in Parkes, NSW. The Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) will provide DNA profiling for all flocks entering the 2018 competition, currently valued at $800 plus GST per flock, as a means of supporting improved genetic selection... Click Here To Read Full Article »
Faster, more accurate DNA Parentage and Poll test to be released in July
Sheep breeders will have access to a faster, more accurate DNA test for parentage and poll/horn status from July, which also includes new features to detect a range of genetic defects. First launched in 2012 by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC), the DNA Parentage and Poll test has proven very popular with sheep breeders seeking to improve their genetic selections through more precise... Click Here To Read Full Article »
‘Eye opening’ DNA Flock Profile delivers new breeding insights at Beechworth
DNA testing to obtain a genetic flock profile has changed the way Victorian Merino breeder Stuart Warner not only looks at his flock, but how he will approach his genetic selection decisions in the future. As a registered deliverer of Bred Well Fed Well and RamSelect workshops, Mr Warner has a close understanding of the power of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) as an objective genetic selection tool. Click Here To Read Full Article »
DNA Parentage raises the bar for ASBV accuracies
DNA Parentage testing of progeny from multiple sire mating groups significantly improves the accuracy of breeding values associated with their bloodlines, a new trial has found. A genomic validation trial conducted in conjunction with Australian Wool Innovation, Sally Martin Consulting, Moses & Son, and Bluechip Livestock, used Sheep CRC DNA tests to identify parentage of the progeny of 300 ewes that had been joined in a... Click Here To Read Full Article »
RamSelect drives better buying decisions at Gates Performance Genetics
Ram buyers have never had more information at their fingertips to identify the right genetics for their individual needs, according to New England stud breeder Rick Gates, whose composite Maternal and White Suffolk rams sold to a top of $1950 last week. Mr Gates, of Gates Performance Genetics, listed his sale catalogues on the RamSelect Plus app to ensure potential buyers could find exactly the right ram for their grazing... Click Here To Read Full Article »
DNA Flock Profile proves accurate at Peter Westblade trial
The Peter Westblade Merino Memorial Challenge (PWMMC) has proved the accuracy of the new DNA Flock Profiler Test under development by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep CRC. During its initial testing phase in early 2016 the Sheep CRC investigated if average genomic breeding values could be calculated for a sheep flock, even with distant or unknown relationships to the reference population. Click Here To Read Full Article »
Ram team recording drives improvements for Kangaroo Island flock
Keeping detailed and accurate ram team records has driven a flock transformation for Kangaroo Island Merino breeder Keith Bolto and proved why the new features offered on the RamSelect Plus app are a winner for commercial producers. About a decade ago the Bolto family began selecting rams for use in their flock, based on objective measurement information, and about five years ago began performance recording their own rams... Click Here To Read Full Article »
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