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What is ASKBILL?

ASKBILL is the web-based app that complements your grazing knowledge with detailed data about your livestock, pastures, and genetics, and predicts opportunities and threats to your individual business from the weather, pests or disease—the critical information needed for making more precise farming decisions, protecting the wellbeing of your flock and maximising its productivity.


What does ASKBILL do?

ASKBILL draws on information generated by biophysical models that use daily downloads of climate data and forecasts to estimate the critical factors affecting individual farms:

  • The risk of flystrike
  • Pasture production
  • Livestock nutritional requirements and feed budgets
  • The risk of parasite infection, and
  • Risks associated with extreme weather events—heat and cold.


3 Simple Steps to Wellbeing and Productivity


Create an account—All you need to do is input your name, address, and credit card details. ASKBILL will confirm your property location using google maps.


Enter your property details—grazeable area, soil type and fertility, stock numbers, management events, treatments and supplements.


Receive current risks—ASKBILL will instantly calculate your property’s current status and begin sending you alerts.


A web-based app that predicts risks for your livestock


Who is BILL?

Dr Gordon ‘Bill’ McClymont was founding Dean of the University of New England’s Faculty of Rural Science.  He described the conceptual model of the agricultural ecosystem that provides a framework for analysing the complex interactions of the components that make up grazing systems.  Today’s computer models build on that understanding to predict future events and analyse ‘what if’ scenarios.   


The Agricultural Ecosystem - Based on McClymont 1963
The Agricultural Ecosystem - Based on McClymont 1963

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Video - To see your livestock's future, just ASKBILL

Published on 18 May 2017





In the sixties was a scientist who was better known as Bill
He worked out all the ecosystem management with skill
And drew up all the factors in a schematic map
Now we’ve taken all this data and we’ve put it in an app.

JUST ASK! Said the scientist if you really want to know
JUST ASK! Said the techie if you wanna to have a go
If you want to know what’s goin’ on and want your farm to last
You can put it in an app and all you have to do is Ask!

Will it rain or will it snow, should I put them in the shed?
Should I feed or should I drench, or will they all drop dead?
Should I sow or should I wait, can I have another win?
Should I buy or should I sell, Oh where do I begin?

ASK BILL! Said the farmer if you really wanna know
ASK BILL! Said the stockman if you want your stock to grow
If you want to know what’s goin’ on and help increase your odds
Well crunch the data in the app don’t leave to the gods.

Now there’s management decisions that you really need to learn
Like stocking rates and feeding rates and economic terms
But climate and disease you know can screw up all your work
But Bill can help to save yourself so you don’t go berserk!

ASK BILL! Said the drover if you really wanna know
ASK BILL! Said the Ringer if you want your crop to grow
If you want to know what’s goin’ on so you can have a rest
Well give the job to Bill and he will do his very best.

So you’ve had a bit of rain it seems and life is lookin’ good
But you want know if all your sheep will be misunderstood
Is there worms about or signs of drought, you can sort out all this crap
If you gather up your data and you put it in an app.

ASK BILL! Said the shearer if you really wanna know
ASK BILL! Said the classer if you want your wool to grow
If you want to know what’s goin’ on and want your farm to last
You can put it in an app and all you have to do is Ask!.....ASK BILL!


“ASKBILL” Lyrics & Music by Rhonda Brooks © 2017
(used under licence by Sheep CRC Limited)
Mal Winckle - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle;  Barry Mannall - C-Box, Lagerphone, Backing Vocals;  Mick Parker - T-chest Bass, Mandolin;  Tony Brooks - Cymbals, Backing Vocals;  Rhonda Brooks - Backing Vocals.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin van Veluwen, Ocean Way Productions, Moonee Beach NSW.
Special thanks to Barry Mannall and Mick Giles for their assistance in the Production of this song.

Reports, Articles and Presentations

ASKBILL for a crystal-clear look at the future

Managing sheep health can be complicated and it can often seem that a crystal ball would be a good tool to have at your disposal so you could predict the future - By Jill Griffiths.

Building apps for the grazing livestock industry

Wednesday 22 February 2017, 3:00pm
Biological Sciences Lecture Theatre (S003)

A symposium on the development of web-based apps designed to provide information about complex grazing systems was held on 22 February 2017.  Drawing on a broad range of expertise in livestock production, soils, pastures, data science, simulation and machine learning models the apps form a natural collection point to connect science with practice.

These are the presentations from that symposium:

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Deep dive into what drives success on ASKBILL
The insights of sheep producers trialling the new ASKBILL app are set to drive a new wave of innovation ahead of its full commercial release in November. The Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) has appointed experienced sheep industry professional Mary Goodacre to the task of working with users to identify opportunities to take the ASKBILL to the next level. Click Here To Read Full Article »
The predictive power of ASKBILL immortalised in song
An off-the-cuff comment and a spur of the moment decision to “have a go” have resulted in the sheep industry’s new predictive app, ASKBILL, being brought to life in song by Uralla musician Rhonda Brooks. Performed in a bush ballad style by Coffs Harbour musician Mal Winckle, the track is proving a popular addition to the ASKBILL website, helping to capture producers’ imagination as to the possibilities on offer... Click Here To Read Full Article »
The power of prediction now in sheep producers’ hands – just ASKBILL
A new app launched today will give sheep producers the power to see their stock’s future, all from the palm of their hand. The app, available at, was made live to the public today, marking the start of a limited offering of the ASKBILL platform as part of a pre-release user feedback program – a vital step in putting the finishing touches to the product prior to ASKBILL’s full commercial release later... Click Here To Read Full Article »
To see your livestock’s future, just ASKBILL – new app live from Monday
Sheep producers and farm advisers are set to be wowed by the predictive power of the Sheep CRC’s latest flock-management app, ASKBILL, which will be released to industry on Monday. The web-based app,, has been designed to draw on information generated by biophysical models that use daily downloads of climate data and forecasts to provide estimates for individual farms of the risk of flystrike and... Click Here To Read Full Article »
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