ABC Landline Video Clips

Below are some video clips courtesy of ABC Landline in which the Sheep CRC has been mentioned.


"Size Does Matter: Merinos" - Courtesy: ABC Landline

PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: Forty years ago when the wool industry was in the doldrums, a group of producers from the Central West of NSW decided the only way to survive was to improve their breeding stock.

While comparative data is now commonplace across the wool and sheep meat industries, GRASS Merinos is still an industry leader in the field. A field that is increasingly using DNA profiling and the brave new world of genomics to breed better sheep.

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"Future Flock" - Courtesy: ABC Landline

PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: We had a brief look last week at some of the latest thinking from the lamb industry on everything from new retail cuts to animal welfare.

For many, it's genetics which offers the biggest productivity gains. Producing better animals faster is the name of the game and the latest industry research offers a lot of promise.

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"Golden Fleece" - Using ASBVs - John Symons, Kangaroo Island (Courtesy: ABC Landline)

PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: The value of science and technology in the wool industry is often hotly debated, and at times, even divisive. But the numbers are certainly adding up for South Australian grower John Symons who's turned his once unviable property on Kangaroo Island into a golden fleece. And as Kerry Staight reports, the 12-year turnaround is more than just a personal triumph. 

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"Prickle Factor" - measuring the next-to-skin comfort of wool (Courtesy: ABC Landline)

PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: The recent rise in wool prices may be good news for growers, but those chasing returns in super-fine and ultra-fine wool still don't believe they're getting the premium their product deserves.

One area that offers some hope is the next-to-skin clothing category, which is currently a pretty small part of the wool apparel market, partly because of wool's reputation for being a bit prickly.

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