Flock Profile Videos

Flock Profile estimates the genetic merit of a Merino drop. The Flock Profile Test delivers average genomic breeding values for key Merino production traits, which have been scaled to Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV) level. This allows Merino breeders to track the genetic progress of their flock and compare with the MERINOSELECT database, resulting in better ram buying decisions.

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Why DNA Flock Profiling is an eye opener for sheep breeders

Published on 12 Nov 2017

DNA testing to obtain a genetic flock profile has changed the way Victorian Merino breeder Stuart Warner not only looks at his flock, but how he will approach his genetic selection decisions in the future.

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DNA Flock Profile cements the foundations for new flock

Published on 13 Nov 2017

Developing a flock with the right mix of genetics can take generations to perfect, but DNA testing has put Geelong sheep and wool producer Jack Briscoe on the fast track to success.

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DNA Flock Profile test takes gut feel out of farming

Published on 17 Dec 2017

DNA testing has taken the guesswork out of breeding for Victorian sheep mixed farmer Todd Martin, who now has a clear picture of how his flock compares to the rest of the industry and the decisions he needs to make to improve its performance.

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