Sheep CRC video clips

The Sheep CRC has produced several video clips which can be downloaded below.


Sheep CRC wins award for Precision Sheep Management

Published on 21 July 2009

Our vision has been for a more integrated production system based on measurement, management and marketing of animals according to their individual merit. Selection on merit allows management according to potential, and selling based on market specifications.

The sheep industry has an enormous opportunity for productivity gain because of the measurable variation within a flock. While large differences exist between the top 25 percent and bottom 25 percent of animals in fleece weight, fibre diameter, growth rate and reproduction, the differences in dollar value can be extreme - three to five times between the upper and lower quartiles.

PSM uses selection, management and marketing strategies to increase the value of the top 25 percent of the flock and minimise the costs of the bottom 25 percent. These new management approaches will only be realised if animals are measured for their potential level of production.

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Pedigree MatchMaker wins ABC New Inventors Award

The majority of Merino breeding flocks have partial (sire only) or on record of pedigree. This is due in part to the labour intensive nature of collecting maternal pedigree (mothering-up) and the management of large numbers of individual records.

Pedigree MatchMaker offers an effective alternative method of collecting dam pedigree and when added to sire pedigree, adds substantially to the value of the information.

On 21st October 2009 the Sheep CRC's Pedigree MatchMaker product won the ABC New Inventors Award.

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Information Nucleus - A world first!

Published on 9 Feb 2011

The Sheep CRC Information Nucleus is a collection of 9 flocks across diverse regions of Australia with approximately 5000 Merino and crossbred ewes joined annually to about 100 sires for 5 years.

The Dorper Information Nucleus flock site near Narrogin (WA) is now operational with assistance provided by Department of Agriculture & Food, WA staff from Katananing.

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CRC Association Showcasing Early Career Researchers Finalist: Dr Honor Calnan

Published on 14 Apr 2014

Sheep CRC Postgraduate, Dr Honor Calnan, has been selected as a Finalist in the CRC Association's 'Showcasing Early Career Researchers' category.

Honor recently submitted a 30 second video clip to the Association titled "Retaining the red in lamb meat" and has been selected as a Finalist. 

Honor's PhD investigates factors influencing the oxidative process of lamb browning, identifying practical methods such as feeding vitamin E and selective breeding that can improve the colour stability and thus the value of Australian lamb meat.

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DAFWA Sheep updates 2014: The importance of genetics to industry

Released on 30 July 2014

"Breeding bettter sheep" recorded at the recent Sheep Updates held in Western Australia.

(Video Source: Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia).

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Published on 12 Jan 2015

The number of sheep recorded with MERINOSELECT has increased by more than 50 per cent since 2010 as more and more commercial breeders demand objective data when buying rams. Joining the program has never been easier – here’s how.


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Sheep Innovation Day, Kirby Farm (29th May 2015)

Published on 28 Jul 2015

The Sheep CRC hosted a very successful Sheep Innovation Day at the SMART Farm Innovation Centre, Kirby Farm, Armidale on May 29th. More than 120 people attended. The program provided an overview of CRC research and development activities. The afternoon session showcased eID technology with Allflex, Gallagher, Tru-Test, Sapien and Practical Systems providing hands-on demonstrations.

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Lamb leg secrets with the Butcher and the Doc

Published on 18 Apr 2016

Do you know your lamb chump from your lamb shank, or how to make your own easy-carve lamb roast?

Professor Dave Pethick, Meat Quality Program Leader with Sheep CRC, and specialist butcher Rafael Ramirez, feature in the YouTube video ‘Lamb leg secrets with the Butcher and the Doc’, demonstrating how to identify cuts including the chump or rump, silverside, round, shank, topside and how to debone a lamb leg to produce an easy-carve roast.

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News Releases

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