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The Annual Report reviews research activities, structure and management, commercialisation and business development, education and training, communication and other strategies for the financial year.

Sheep CRC 2007-08 Annual Report

Welcome to the first Annual Report of Sheep CRC Ltd (CRC for Sheep Industry Innovation), better known simply as “the Sheep CRC”, or in this report “the CRC”. The CRC got underway with effect from 1 July 2007 with a very clear mandate to undertake research, extension and training that would “transform wool, meat and the sheep that produce them”. We followed on from the firm foundations established by our predecessor, the Australian Sheep Industry CRC, referred to in this report as CRC1. An important part of our first year’s activity was to complete the unfinished work of CRC1 and to incorporate the further development and commercialisation activities of some of its research programs into those of the new CRC.

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Sheep CRC 2008-09 Annual Report

Welcome to the second Annual Report of the Sheep CRC. Our mandate is to “transform wool, meat and the sheep that produce them”. Our research activities are conducted under four programs which cover sheep production, wool, meat and of course our core genetics program, that is centred around the Information Nucleus flocks. As we progressed through our second year of operation, it was particularly pleasing to see our management team bedded down, and our research programs as well as our Education Program develop some significant momentum. As described in detail within the body of the report, we believe we are making very good progress in all of our programs, and against our Commonwealth milestones.

Sheep CRC 2009-10 Annual Report

Welcome to the third Annual Report of the Sheep CRC. Our work in the past year has been carried against a background of continued decline in sheep numbers as producers switch to cropping and others reduce their flock numbers in pursuit of buoyant prices for both lamb and mutton. Over the past six months many parts of Australia have experienced above-average rainfall, which has greatly increased producer confidence in their farming and pastoral businesses. It is to be hoped that improved seasonal conditions, together with continued buoyant prices, will encourage some re-building of the national ewe flock in order to meet market demand going forward.

Sheep CRC 2010-11 Annual Report

Welcome to the fourth Annual Report of the Sheep CRC. Compared with earlier years of the Sheep CRC, fiscal 2011 has seen a generally favourable economic environment and outlook for the Australian sheep industry. The long term decline in Australian Merinosheep numbers, and the associated decline in wool supply, was reflected in improved market prices for wool in fiscal 2011. The Eastern Market Indicator closed the year at 1409 cents per kilogram clean, compared with 898 cents per kilogram clean at the same time in fiscal 2010. Improved wool prices, together with a continuation of buoyant lamb and mutton markets, and a return to more normal seasonal conditions throughout Australia, have seen renewed confidence among sheep producers.

Sheep CRC 2011-12 Annual Report

Welcome to the fifth Annual Report of the Sheep CRC. Over the past year, the world economic environment has been somewhat uncertain. This uncertain outlook, coupled with continued strength of the Australian dollar, has reflected into the sheep industry with softer prices for wool, lamb and mutton. However, with the exception of super and ultra-fine wool segments, returns to producers have remained reasonable.

Sheep CRC 2012-13 Annual Report

Welcome to the sixth Annual Report of the Sheep CRC. Over the past year, the world economic environment has remained somewhat unstable. This uncertain outlook, coupled with continued strength of the Australian dollar for most of the year, has continued to put downward pressure on wool prices which, for superfine and ultrafine wools, are now at quite marginal levels of profitability. On the other hand, export demand for lamb and mutton increased year on year and prices responded accordingly.

Sheep CRC 2013-14 Annual Report

Welcome to the seventh Annual Report of the Sheep CRC. The trading environment for sheep producers in 2013–2014 has remained similar to that of the previous year. Wool prices, especially for superfine grades have been at unsustainably low levels. Lamb and mutton prices, on the other hand, have been reasonably good. With the exception of northern NSW and Queensland, seasonal conditions, especially in the second half, have been generally favourable.

Sheep CRC 2014-15 Annual Report

The conditions during 2014/15 for sheep producers has been reasonably positive. Demand for sheep and sheep meat has continued to be strong and the lower Australian dollar has helped to support exports. The wool market has performed well for the average micron areas (19 um to 21 um) but the lack of significant premiums for finer micron wool continues to be a major concern for superfine and ultrafine wool producers.

Sheep CRC 2015-16 Annual Report

In our second year of the five year Extension Programme the Sheep CRC has built up significant momentum and is now well placed to deliver the planned outcomes and anticipated impacts. All three research Programs are making very good progress and there are also effective synergies developing between the Programs that are proving to be most productive.

Sheep CRC 2016-17 Annual Report

The CRC is continuing to make good progress towards achieving the anticipated outcomes and is on track to deliver the industry impact that our five year extension program was designed for. 

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