Fact Sheets

Compact Shoulder Roast

The Compact Shoulder Roast (CSR) is a small serving size roast perfect for the modern consumer. This information sheet provides information on preparation methods and the cuts produced from the lamb shoulder roast.

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New cuts for larger lambs

Compact Shoulder Roast & Round Bone Piece

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The Australian Meat Processor Corporation, Meat & Livestock Australia and the Sheep CRC have collaborated to produce a number technical notes and fact sheets on Australian lamb meat.

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Practical Wisdom Notes / Fact Sheets

PW1.1 Enterprise Management Series

In this series:

  1. Optimising stocking rate - the key to increasing pasture utilisation and profit - November 2006

  2. Profitability of sheep enterprises in southern Australia - November 2006

  3. Lambing at the right time in southern Australia - the first step to increasing sheep profits - November 2006

PW1.2 Nutrition Series

In this series

  1. Options for light weight spring lambs - November 2006

  2. Sorghum grain for lot feeding of sheep - March 2007

  3. Feedlot calculator - March 2007

  4. Feeding grain and hay separately in lamb feedlots cheap and effective - April 2008

  5. The Cowra Bale Feeder for hay and roughage feeding - April 2008

PW1.3 Reproduction Series

PW1.4 Parasite control in sheep

PW1.5 Precision Sheep Management

PW2.1 Measuring and managing wool quality

PW3.1 Quality Sheepmeat Series

PW3.2 Meat Science & consumer eating quality

PW4.1 New Opportunities in Genetics and Genomics

PW5.1 Impact of Education and Training

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eID Case Studies

New cuts for larger lambs

The Nutritive Value and Eating Quality of Australian lamb cuts

Utilising heavy lamb carcases

News Releases

Is long-haul shipping affecting the eating quality of Aussie lamb exports?
Sheepmeat researchers are tackling the problem of what impact long-haul shipping routes have on eating quality, with a new series of consumer trials planned for the United States. Following feedback from American consumers that Australian lamb has a ‘gamey’ flavour, Murdoch University post-graduate researcher Maddison Corlett is examining whether this is true and the possible causes of this perception. Click Here To Read Full Article » https://www.sheepcrc.org.au/information/news/is-longhaul-shipping-affecting-the-eating-quality-of-aussie-lamb-exports-03-04-2017.php
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