Publications & Resources

The Sheep CRC uses a variety of publications and resources to increase awareness of our scientific research providing the opportunity for industry, government and the wider community to use this information to better the sheep industry in Australia. These include our annual reports, Practical Wisdom Notes, fact sheets and technical reports, videos, case studies and websites.

Annual Reports - The Annual Report reviews research activities, structure and management, commercialisation and business development, education and training, communication and other strategies for the financial year.

Practical Wisdom Notes - These are practical information sheets that will help you put into practice some of the ideas that has been developed from scientific research carried out by the Sheep CRC.

Videos - A variety of videos have been developed to provide information on some of the Sheep CRC's research and products that has impacted the sheep industry.

Case Studies - Real stories of real people utilising our research and making a difference in their businesses.

Websites to assist you - Information on websites and apps the can assist you your sheep business.