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New Parentage test from 7 July 2017


Dear Breeders,

We have flagged the introduction of a new Parentage test for the sheep industry and this email is to provide further details.  As previously discussed, the new test delivers significant improvements compared to the existing test but the improvements come at a slightly higher price of $21 (plus GST). Details of the new 800 SNP test is attached.

With the cheaper Sheep Genotyping test (now $35 plus GST) it is a good opportunity to encourage users of the Sheep DNA testing services to consider how best to use this very powerful test more effectively in conjunction with the Parentage test.  One suggestion is to use the Sheep Genotyping test on male progeny and the Parentage test on female progeny.  If you have any ideas that you would like to explore please contact Tom Granleese - tgranle2@une.edu.au who is evaluating a range of options.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



James Rowe

CEO, Sheep CRC 

DownloadNew Parentage test information sheet (90 KB)


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