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RamSelect Survey for Ram Buyers


User survey: What is RamSelect Plus worth to you?


As a registered user of RamSelect, the Sheep CRC is keen to hear your views on the performance and value of the web-based app.

Developed by the Sheep CRC in 2015, use of the web-based app has grown rapidly - during the 2016/17 ram selling season a total of 224 catalogues with 17,600 rams were listed on the site and a total of 6,320 independent ram searches were undertaken during the season.

This short survey is your opportunity to state your views about how and why you use RamSelect, what value it delivers for your business, how you view the role of other apps in running a farm business, and whether app technology could be useful in the future for farmer extension and training.

Your feedback will be valuable in developing a sustainable model for continuing this service for breeders and users, hosting and maintaining the software, and allowing for improvement and product development.


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