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It has been a busy couple of months at the Sheep Genotyping Office with increasing numbers of breeders embracing genotyping. To accommodate higher demand there have been some changes to the purchasing of genotyping tests. We are also encouraging breeders to return electronic files with blood cards or with as Tissue Sampling Units (TSUs) to help reduce processing times.  If you require assistance with preparing electronic files please contact us to discuss what is required.

Changes to purchase of blood cards and tests

From July 1, the Sheep Genotyping Office will be run under Australian Innovation Company Ltd, a controlled entity of Sheep CRC Ltd. We will be taking this opportunity to make the following changes to the ordering system:

  • Breeders will now be able to purchase and hold stocks of blood cards without placing a test order. There will be a minimum order of 10 blood cards without tests on this purchase and payment is required before blood cards will be despatched.
  • Orders under 10 can still be purchased with the tests but payment of the cards and tests is required before cards will be despatched.
  • Orders over 10 require the payment of the blood cards only. Payment for tests is required when DNA samples are sent to the Sheep Genotyping Office.
  • There will be new bank account for the direct deposit facility. Please note this change when making payments.

The online ordering system will be updated to reflect this change from July 1.

Sire verification

At the request of breeders, sire verification against the Sheep Genetics database is now automatically provided for all animals tested with the Sheep Genotyping test. The Sheep Genotyping Office is currently sending sire verification reports to breeders directly. If further investigation is required the Sheep Genotyping Office can run parentage testing on already genotyped animals but further charges will apply. There is a minimum charge of $20 + GST for small orders. Larger orders will be charged on a cost recovery basis. Please contact the Sheep Genotyping Office to discuss your requirements. 

Tissue Sampling Units (TSUs)

TSUs are now being accepted for genotyping tests. Please note the following if using TSUs:

  • An online order still needs to be placed on the Sheep CRC website.
  • Please provide an electronic file with TSUs including sample ID, Electronic Identification (EID), Sheep Genetics ID (SGID) and group details.
  • TSUs will be stored for 12 months and can be re-tested for a different test if required within a 6-month period. This is different to blood cards that are stored indefinitely and can be re-punched for further testing at any time.
  • Turnaround time for results is the same for TSUs and blood cards.
  • There is insufficient data to calculate the failure rate of TSUs. The failure rate for blood cards (with over 100,000 tested) is 2.1% for parentage and 1.3% for the Sheep Genotyping test.

Electronic files

With increasing numbers of breeders using EIDs we encourage breeders to email electronic files for blood cards as well as TSUs. Please provide the animal ID, sample ID and animal group type. For Sheep Genotyping Test the corresponding SGID is required for all animals. Please provide SGIDs where possible, along with EIDs for parentage testing, to minimise issues tracking animals at a later date.

Tips to minimise delays in genotyping

  • Place an online order for cards and/or tests at www.sheepcrc.org.au
  • Follow the blood card collection protocol carefully
  • Return the DNA samples via express post
  • Return the correct order form with the DNA samples
  • Provide an electronic file with TSUs including sample ID, SGID and group details
  • Provide electronic files with blood cards where possible
  • For electronic files please check that the file matches the DNA samples sent
  • Provide payment details when DNA samples are sent for genotyping
  • Provide a complete sire/dam list to match to progeny for parentage testing
  • Where possible, provide SGIDs for all animals tested

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