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Sheep CRC wins two awards

At the CRC Association’s Excellence in Innovation Awards Dinner, on 20 May, the Sheep CRC received two very prestigious awards. One was the CRC Program’s Star Award 2014 for outstanding engagement with small and medium sized enterprises through the Managing Scanned Ewes workshops, coordinated by Chris Shands. The second award recognised the success of the RamSelect workshop developed by Lu Hogan with assistance from Allan Casey and Sheep Genetics. To read the associated media release click here.


From the Homestead - CEO's summary of progress

The good news that we received in February regarding the successful extension application was most welcome. It has however led to a very busy period preparing the documentation and associated agreements for the CRC extension. For the full CEO update click here.

Sheep and their management

Management of the ParaBoss program, incorporating WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss, has now been taken over by the University of New England with Lewis Kahn as Executive Officer and Deborah Maxwell as Communications Officer. To read the full program update click here.

Wool quality

The most significant event this quarter has been the signing of the licence agreement with the Australian Wool Testing Authority for the Wool ComfortMeter and Wool HandleMeter technologies. To read the full program update click here.

Meat quality

The Lamb Supply Chain group met in Adelaide on 12-13th February. This meeting focused on consumer trends in Australia and internationally, plus the development of final plans for eating quality studies, feedback, supply chain development and innovation. To read the full program update click here.

Information nucleus and genomics

Two genomics workshops were held during March. The first workshop involved the data analysis team and the second involved the meat team. Both workshops were thought to be very productive. To read the full program update click here.


Education and training

There have been 16 confirmed Postgraduate student completions with 21 students still in progress. The Graduate Certificate of Agriculture had 33 enrolments in Semester 1. The University of New England now coordinates this course on a permanent basis. To read the full program update click here.


To read the latest media releases click here.


The Concept to Impact conference will cover the Sheep CRC's
research outcomes and achievements
from 2007 - 2014.

The conference is being held in Adelaide on 9th July prior to the LambEx welcome event
which will be held on the evening of 9th July.

The CRC Conference and LambEx are two separate events - click here to register for the CRC Conference and click here to register for LambEx.