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2014 Leading Breeder Forum

4th March, Wagga Wagga NSW



Sheep Genetics is hosting its third national Leading Breeder forum, aiming to make the latest on sheep genetics and breeding technology available to you for application to your business. The 2014 forum will be consist of a series of information sessions, as well as helpful tips for making the most of LAMBPLAN, MERINOSELECT & DOHNE ASBVs.  Topic areas include:

  • Latest updates on Sheep Genetics activities and genetic analysis.
  • The latest on Genomics and its application to the sheep industry.
  • Interaction of Genetics with Environment.
  • The Genetics of Eating Quality, what we are seeing in commercial applications

There will be opportunities to participate in feedback forums particularly in the area of Genetic R&D.

The forum is followed by a BBQ dinner, with guest speaker Andrew Wrigley of Kidman Park Santa Gertrudis Stud on board to share his experiences with the application of Genetics in his enterprise.


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