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From the Homestead - CEO's summary of progress

As we enter the final six months of the CRC, we are still waiting to hear the outcome of our extension application. The announcement was due in December 2013 but we were advised before Christmas that there would be a delay until “early 2014”. There has been no reason given for the delay and the wait is frustrating for all involved.  To read the full CEO update click here.

Sheep and their management

Preliminary modelling of the impacts of targeted treatment strategies on delaying resistance in different environments has been completed.  The modelling shows that targeted treatment can extend the life of anthelmintic by 20 to 40% before resistance becomes a problem. To read the full program update click here.

Meat quality

The new resource flock slaughter and phenotyping program is underway with assays and data uploading for minerals, shear and intramuscular fat 50% complete. The Meat Science/Genetics/AGBU group will be meeting to discuss further genetic analysis of the meat science traits in March, 2014. To read the full program update click here.

Wool quality

The most significant events this quarter have been the completion and interaction with participants of the pilot trial; the acceptance and implementation of the commercialisation plan for the Wool ComfortMeter and HandleMeter; and submission of the first six papers for the second International Journal Special Edition. To read the full program update click here.

Information Nucleus and genomics

There have already been more than 1,200 orders for the 12k chip (from breeders). Delivery of new genomic breeding values is as planned, with imputation now automated in the pipeline. We have prepared a research paper on 12k SNP-chip design and imputation accuracy. To read the full program update click here.

Education and training

The Postgraduate Conference was held on 4 - 7 November.  As in previous years the conference was structured to simulate an international conference in animal production and the students were exposed to concepts in physiology and nutrition, genetic inheritance, statistical analysis and industry applicability of research outcomes. To read the full program update click here.


Recently the CRC has developed several short video clips covering several different aspects of research including juvenile in vitro embryo transfer; DNA testing and comfort in wool. Some of the clips were also featured in media releases. To watch the videos click  here and to read the media releases click here. 

CRC Final Conference / LambEx

The Sheep CRC will hold its final conference in Adelaide on 9th July 2014, just before LambEx commences. Program details and the registration form will be uploaded to the CRC website soon and can be accessed from the homepage. The conference will focus on providing practical, take home messages for breeders, producers and companies in the meat and wool supply chains.