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From the Homestead - CEO's summary of progress

The CRC's application for a five year extension is through to the final stage of the selection process and we expect to know the outcome by the end of December. If successful, the new program will officially commence in July 2014. To read the full CEO update click here.

Sheep and their management

Adoption activities continued to be dominated by RamSelect workshops and capacity building in genetics. Planning has also commenced for a National Producer Survey to quantify the industry impacts resulting from the investment in this Program. The survey is expected to be completed early in 2014. To read the full program update click here.

Meat quality program

The Lamb Supply Chain group met in Melbourne during September. Planning is progressing to develop a new strategic research and development plan for lamb. Visits were made to the Australian Lamb Company and a Coles feature store. To read the full program update click here.

Wool quality program

The most significant events this quarter have been the successful Wool Week conference held in Melbourne in September, filming and interviews on the Wool ComfortMeter and Wool HandleMeter for a feature on ABC Landline and successful retail workshops that were held in the US and UK. To read the full program update click here.

Information Nucleus and genomics

The delivery of genomic breeding values started the financial year with a new product: the 12k SNP chip. This is a lower cost genomic test that can deliver similar genomic prediction accuracy as the 50k SNP chip. The prediction accuracy is over 95% of that of the full 50k chip. To read the full program update click here.

Education and training

Plans have been put in place for the 2013 Sheep CRC Postgraduate conference and Professional Development workshop to be held at Coffs Harbour. This year the Professional Development workshop will focus on adoption science, in particular the redesign of experimental work to enhance its adoption. To read the full program update click here.

Media releases

Several media releases have been circulated during the last quarter including: Sheep CRC extension to link carcase value to eating quality; Genomic revolution to hit 'turbo drive' in Sheep CRC extension bid; Animal well-being research to drive future sheep productivity; Paying forward the sheep industry's investment in education - Dr Sam Clark's story. To read these and other media releases click here.


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