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Dear Sheep CRC Extension Application Participants


We have good news! We have been notified that the Sheep CRC is through to the next stage of Round 16.


For your information, the round 16 CRC shortlist is as follows:

  • Advanced Manufacturing CRC
  • Cancer Therapeutics Cooperative Research Centre
  • Capital Markets CRC
  • The CRC for Cyber Security (CyberCRC)
  • CRC for Increasing Agricultural Soil Productivity
  • CRC for Sheep Industry Innovation
  • Data to Decisions CRC
  • The Hearing CRC
  • Manufacturing Industry Innovation CRC
  • Rail Manufacturing CRC
  • Space Environment Management CRC
  • Wildlife Biodiversity Cooperative Research Centre


Please see below commentary from Dr Tony Peacock, CRCA:

"Twelve CRC applications have gone over the second major hurdle of the 16th funding round, gaining an interview in November. Five of the applications that got to the starting gate are now excluded from further participation in the round. It's a desperately disappointing feeling for those that are now out, and a frenetic time for those going forward. They have to submit exemplar projects in the next few weeks and prepare their teams for interview. Over half a billion dollars in government, research provider and industry money is at stake over the next few months.
Of the 12 applications going to the next stage of the round, five come from existing Cooperative Research Centres (Advanced Manufacturing, Cancer Therapeutics, Capital Markets, Sheep Industry Innovation and Hearing). Two of the applications were submitted last year (Space Environment Management and Wildlife Biodiversity). In fact, this is the third attempt for Wildlife Biodiversity. Cybersecurity, Soil Productivity, Data to Decisions, Manufacturing Industry Innovation and Rail Manufacturing are all new applications.
The time for studying the form guide for the strengths and weaknesses of competitors is over. Each of the 12 have a good chance of gaining CRC Program support. As CRC Committee Chairman, Neville Stevens has often told the CRC community, success will be completely dependent on the strength of each individual bid. At this time of year, I often hear speculation on why two bids in a similar area couldn't possibly get up; or why one will definitely get up because the (substitute your favourite Department) Minister thinks it should. At this stage, every gram of energy spent speculating about other bids is a distraction from your own."

We will be putting out a media release on Monday about our progression to the next stage of the application process, and we will provide you with further information over the coming weeks.

Kind regards

James Rowe