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From the Homestead - CEO's summary of progress

The final Operational Plan and Budget have been finalised and the focus is on achieving effective utilisation of products developed during the life of the CRC. A total of 35 organisations have contributed to preparation of the five year extension for the Sheep CRC and the application was submitted on 13 June. To read the full CEO update click here.

Sheep and their management

The WormBoss and FlyBoss websites continue to be popular and the new LiceBoss website, with support from AWI, was launched in June. The new publication 'Australian Sheep Breeding Values - a guide for ram buyers' is now available on the website and also in print. If you would like to order your free copy call Janelle Holzberger on 02 6773 2927. To read the full program update click here.

Meat quality

Slaughter of the new Resource Flocks at Katanning and Kirby is well underway and data will be added to the existing Information Nucleus database to continue the improvement in genetic and genomic prediction accuracies. The Carometec-MLA MDC project for developing carcase grading tools is now underway. To read the full program update click here.

Wool quality

Successful seminars on the Wool ComfortMeter (WCM) and Wool HandleMeter (WHM) in China coincided with the start of the pilot trial of the WCM and WHM tests being available for evaluation through AWTA's Jin Ao Testing in China. An international trial with the three prototype WHM instruments and the PhabrOmeter have commenced. To read the full program update click here.

Information Nucleus

Test results for Pilot Project 3 and the Large Scale Genotyping Project are currently being finalised. There was a very successful Large Scale Genotyping workshop held in May, with a range of issues identified for further work in order to support breeders implementing genotyping into breeding programs. To read the full program update click here.

Education and training

Student completions are occurring at a high rate with many students joining the industry workforce in various roles. Jessica Rickard competed in the 2013 CRC Associations Postgraduate Student competition recently. Jessica performed very well but did not make it into the final round. Nonetheless, she is to be congratulated for her excellent entry in the competition. To read the full program update click here.

Media and events

Throughout August, September and October there are many workshops scheduled to be held around Australia. Click here to visit the events calendar to find out when and where the workshops are being held. Click here to read the latest media releases including: New LiceBoss website empowers producers; Sheep buyers armed with guide to more productive rams; and ASBVs turn Turkey Lane Around.