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Sheep CRC Extension Application update


Dear Sheep CRC Extension Application Participants,

The application has been submitted!

Thank you very much for your contribution to its planning, preparation and final submission.  I believe that it is a very strong application and that we should have a good chance of success.  

We have a consortium of 34 Participant organisations, representing a comprehensive cross-section of the sheep industry, committed to contributing just over $45 million ($10 m cash and $35 m in-kind) with a request for Commonwealth investment of $15.5 million cash. The proposed research programs all have a very good blend of end-user engagement and high quality research that fits well with the selection criteria.

We now have to wait until August when we hear if we are through to the next stage of the process.  If successful, we will be asked to prepare detailed research project proposals for one project within each Program area by mid-September 2013.  These projects go out to independent specialists for assessment.  The final stage involves an interview during the week 11-13 November.  Successful CRCs are announced in December.  Quite a process!

As a Participant there is nothing more required until we have a final decision in December.  If successful, we will need to complete the Participant Agreements discussed prior to signing the Participant Declaration forms.   This process of finalising agreements must be completed before June 2014 for commencement of the five-year plan on 1 July 2014.

We will keep you informed of all developments and pass on any news as it comes to hand.  We will keep our website up-to-date with information about the application and there will also be a number of media releases about the application.

If you have any questions or suggestions about publicity and promotion of the bid – please let me know. 

We have made a great start and I look forward to working with you to convert this into a successful outcome and a highly productive program.

With best wishes,

James Rowe

CEO, Sheep CRC

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