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From the Homestead - CEO's summary of progress

As we start 2013 with bushfires in some regions of Australia and floods in others, the complex range of environmental conditions that we cope with in Australian agriculture is highlighted once again. The start to the New Year has been as busy as anticipated with a full review of progress across the CRC's portfolio during the first 6 months of the financial year. In practically all project areas Task and Milestone completion is on track. To read the full CEO report click here.

Sheep and their management

The WormBoss website was re-launched in November at the CRC Participants forum. There has been good media coverage of the program and very positive feedback from a wide range of users. A total of 39 Ram Selection workshops have now been delivered to over 720 participants. A further 20 workshops are planned between February and June 2013. To read more about this program click here.

Meat quality

The process of collecting detailed meat data on all Information Nucleus lambs slaughtered is continuing on schedule and due for completion by the end of June 2013. The results of the meat analysis are providing a number of new research findings and these will be published in a special edition of the prestigious "Meat Science" journal. To read more about this program click here.

Wool quality

Reports for the Wool ComfortMeter® work have now been completed with two major supply chain knitters. Over the last quarter there has been good progress in developing a new Wool HandleMeter® prototype with associated software that incorporates the CRC's calibration algorithms. A number of new machines will be tested and calibrated early in 2013. To read more about this program click here.

Information Nucleus and Genomics

The genetics group held a workshop in October to develop plans for the final stages of genetic analysis for the Information Nucleus data.  Pilot Project 3 is now fully subscribed with breeders having ordered the 3000 full genotyping tests based on the 50k product. There have been 17,000 tests allocated for parentage and horn/poll testing. To find out more about this program and to find out how to order tests online click here.

Education and Training

The Postgraduate program is now fully subscribed with 37 students. Of these there are 7 Masters students and 30 PhDs.  Numbers in the Graduate Certificate in Agriculture (Consulting) course were below target during the last two semesters. The University of New England will step up its marketing program and advertise the course for broader agricultural interests. To read more about this program click here.

Media Releases/events and workshops

Click here to watch the Channel 7 interview with Sam Gill (Manager, Sheep Genetics). Click here to read the latest media releases including: 'Customised ASBVs matches rams to their environment in WA'; 'DNA testing delivers poll flock fast' and 'Trial results prove value of ASBVs in sheep selection'.To find dates and locations for events and workshops click here.