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Sheep CRC launches new WormBoss website

WormBoss has been a favourite with sheep producers
since it was launched in 2005 and now it is even better!


As part of a major upgrade, WormBoss now stands alone after previously being hosted on the Australian Wool Innovation web site.

Sheep CRC, who developed WormBoss with AWI, has completed a major upgrade with new, improved and easy to use features and a vibrant design.

WormBoss now offers real help for producers with drenching decisions and regional worm control programs together with a substantial library of information on worm control. Visit WormBoss to use:

The monthly WormBoss News will continue to be available on the website and also emailed to subscribers. WormBoss News will also be improved by feature articles on key worm control issues.

To visit the homepage click here or for more detailed information on this new website including links to new features click here.