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From the Homestead - CEO's summary of progress

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the CRC is developing an application to extend the life of the Sheep CRC by up to five years. New and existing Participants have an opportunity to define a range of new activities that build on achievements of the existing CRC and put this proposal to the Commonwealth Government by mid-2013. To read the full CEO update click here.

Sheep and their management

Program 1 has made a steady start to FY12/13 with a major focus on analysis and reporting of Information Nucleus data. Adoption activities remain a priority with RamSelect Workshops being developed, piloted and delivered to about 20 groups across four states. To read more about this program click here.

Meat quality

The last consignment of lambs processed for the 2011 drop was completed at Kirby Farm in August.  This now completes the abattoir component of the five-year slaughter program.  There is some laboratory work from the 2010 and 2011 drop lambs left to do.  Bruce Hancock will continue in his role as Executive Officer of the Lamb Supply Chain group. To read more about the Meat quality program click here.

Wool quality

Measurements have been completed for handle characteristics of commercial fabrics bought back to Australia after the industry proving trials. The 19 fabrics have also undergone extensive subjective handle rating to enable the measurements to be validated and to complete the information required for the report. To read more about the Wool program click here.

Information Nucleus and Genomics

We have had a very high level of interest from breeders to take part in the 50k testing in Pilot Project 3 and all available tests have been allocated to breeders. However, there are still some parentage and Merino Poll tests available. To find out more about this program and how to order tests online click here.

Education & Training

Following the November round of scholarship offers, the number of postgraduate students who have accepted scholarships and commenced their studies stands at 37, slightly above the target of 35. To read more about the Education & Training program click here.

Media Releases

To read the latest media releases on Objective measurement delivering finer fleece; Learning how to buy better rams; Sheep CRC and meat processors forge closer links; Producers rush to adopt sheep DNA testing, plus more click here.