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ABC Landline Program on sheep genetics and genomics

For those who did not see the ABC’s Landline program on the progress being made in the development of genetic and genomic technologies for the sheep industry, you can download the program and watch it from the ABC’s website – click the link below.

Chris Clark and his team at the ABC have done an excellent job telling the story of the CRC’s Information Nucleus Program and the new products being developed by the CRC and Sheep Genetics.

To watch the ABC Landline program click here.


Details of new genomic pilot projects from August 2012

The Sheep CRC is in the process of finalising details of a series of pilot projects covering three genomic products that are soon to be available:

. a SNP-based parentage test

. the Merino Poll test; and

. the third genotyping pilot project

Details of these Pilot Projects will be available on the Sheep CRC’s website and in the rural print media from next Tuesday 7 August. 

You might want to bookmark the Sheep CRC homepage www.sheepcrc.org.au where there will be a link to this information in the 'What's Hot' tabs on 7 August.

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