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Sheep CRC Autumn Newsletter

From the Homestead - CEO's summary of progress

The review of progress across the portfolio indicates that we are well on track to deliver the agreed outcomes for the CRC. In most areas the focus is now shifting to delivery of CRC products and information. Click here to read the latest from James Rowe, Sheep CRC CEO.

Register now to attend the Sheep CRC genomics breakfast workshop

LambEx 2012 is being held in Bendigo (VIC) on 28 & 29 June. The Sheep CRC is hosting a genomics breakfast workshop on 28 June to provide the latest information on development of genomic products. Click here for further details. To visit the CRC Events Calendar click here.

Sheep and their management

A major development in this program is the proposed development of LambBoss to better coordinate information about managing ewe reproduction and related training activities. Producer training also remains a major focus of the CRC.  Almost 5,000 producers and next-users attended forums or training this financial year to date. To read the latest program updates click here.

Meat quality

Research in this program found the calpistatin gene region to contain SNPs associated with the tenderness of lamb in all major breeds. These new SNPs can be measured directly or imputed from the standard 50K SNP chip and are expected to improve the genomic prediction of shear force breeding values. To read the latest program updates click here.

Wool quality

The most significant event this quarter has been finalising arrangements for the industry proving trials. Agreement on trial protocols are in place and on-site testing is scheduled with the second biggest knitwear producer in the world (Tropic Knits Ltd and Floreal Knitwear Ltd parts of the Ciel Textile group).  To read the latest program updates click here.

Information Nucleus

We have started to investigate options for cheaper genotyping, so that breeders can more easily afford genotyping and use of genomic selection as part of commercial breeding programs. There is good progress in identifying SNPs for a 10k test that could  be used to impute 50k data and, from this information, the prediction of breeding values for a wide range of traits.  To read more click here.

Education and training

The CRC is currently developing a one day ram selection workshop. This workshop will provide skills in practical ram selection using ASBVs along with visual assessment. Participants will leave the one day workshop able to describe their breeding objective and then translate that breeding objective into benchmark breeding values for ram selection. To read the latest program updates click here.

Media releases

To read the latest media releases including: Genomics products enter mainstream Merino breeding; Innovation with eID; Information Nucleus delivers in all climates; Superfine Wool Growers embrace sheep genomics; Joining Merino ewes earlier plus more click here.


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