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Sheep and their management - Better coordination of parasite management is on the way. Following planning between the Sheep CRC, AWI & MLA, the three parasite management programs, WormBoss, FlyBoss and LiceBoss, will be developed under a single ‘ParaBoss’ umbrella.  There is good progress in rebuilding the WormBoss site using a format similar to that used for FlyBoss, and updating of LiceBoss is the next cab off the rank. Click here to read more.

Wool quality - Research into next-to-skin comfort has delivered a major breakthrough in being able to accurately predict the next-to-skin comfort of knitwear. By combining data from the Wool ComfortMeter™ with data for fibre diameter, fabric density and yarn characteristics we can now predict results of the wearer trials with accuracies of around 0.95. Click here to read about the Wool ComfortMeter™. (Photo source AWI).

Meat quality - The relationship between lean meat yield and eating quality has now been well established by the Meat Program team. Selection for lean meat yield tends to lead to decreased consumer assessment of eating quality. Fortunately, the factors associated with eating quality are well defined. By measuring and selecting for adequate intramuscular fat and low shear force, it is possible to find rams that can improve lean meat yield and also maintain or improve eating quality. Click here to read about lean meat yield and click here to read about eating quality. (Photo source MLA).

Information Nucleus - The CRC, working with MLA, is developing an accurate parentage test combined with horn-poll using SNP-based technology. The research team is confident that accuracies of over 99% are possible for the parentage test as well as identifying PP, PF, PH and HH animals. A pre-commercial Pilot Project is planned for April-May and further information will be available as soon as details are available. Click here to read more.

Education and training - The recent UNE graduation ceremony saw three CRC postgraduate scholars being awarded PhD degrees. They were Gareth Kelly for research into parasite management, Donnalee Taylor for research into lamb management and Rachelle Hergenhan for genetic factors affecting lamb survival. Click here to read a brief summary of each graduate's area of research.