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The Sheep CRC is pleased to help promote FarmDay - an initiative supported by Meat & Livestock Australia.


Have you heard of FarmDay?

FarmDay is an event that offers a city family the opportunity to spend a day on a working farm to learn how farmers produce our food and fibre.

A city family is matched with a farm family for a day over the weekend of 26 and 27 May 2012. The city family travels to the farm, and together the families share a day of fun, friendship and understanding.


How do you take part?

It’s easy! Register at www.farmday.com.au and one of our FarmDay staff will be in touch with you to have a chat. Matching takes a few weeks, as it is quite a time consuming job – but it’s worth the wait. When you have been notified of your FarmDay family, get in touch and start planning your visit. We give you lots of help along the way, and you can call us any time.


To register and find out more information

For registration details and to find out more information visit the FarmDay website by clicking here or download the brochure below.

DownloadFarmDay 2012 brochure (430 KB)
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