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Sheep & their management - CRC provides reproduction training material for WA flock rebuild
The range of training products for improved reproduction performance are set to play a major part in the initiative to increase reproductive performance and rebuild the WA sheep flock. Key products include Lifetime Ewe Management, jointly developed with RIST, the High Performance Weaner course and the Reproduction Workshop developed and run in conjunction with pregnancy scanners.

Wool quality - Call for Expressions of Interest for CRC’s Everwhite Wool product
The Sheep CRC has developed patented technology for a process that reduces photoyellowing and keeps white wool white. The CRC has called for Expressions of Interest from companies involved in the dyeing and finishing of wool and anticipates that this technology will be of significant importance to extending the range of applications of wool fabrics.

Meat quality - Sharing value in the supply chain
The two components that form the focus of the CRC supply chain project are better efficiency through improved lean meat yield and improved product quality. The CRC has made progress in identifying Research Breeding Values that will help direct selection for lean meat yield as well as measurement systems that will help to provide more accurate feedback to breeders and producers.To read a recent media release click here.

Information Nucleus - Pilot Project II continues to produce exciting results
There are now around 650 rams entered in the Pilot Project and results are flowing back to breeders well within the 12 week time frame initially indicated. The results are proving to be very valuable for breeders selecting young rams and the range of traits available from the genomic predictions is causing interest throughout the industry. To read more click here.

Education and training - Major training activities underway in coming months
A total of 31 training events have been scheduled over the next month covering topics of reproductive efficiency, worm management, flystrike management and genetic improvement.

Click here to visit the Events Calendar to find out dates and locations of these workshops.