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From the Homestead - CEO's summary of progress

Good seasonal conditions, strong demand for sheep and a good pipeline of innovation provide a good outlook for the industry and for the Sheep CRC in 2012.

Click here to read the latest from James Rowe, Sheep CRC CEO.

Breakthrough in management of Lamb Eating Quality

While Lambassador Sam Kekovich is again out fighting ‘un-Australianism’ in the lead up to January 26, the sheep industry’s top researchers are quietly doing their bit to ensure lamb remains the country’s national dish on Australia Day for years to come. Click here to read more.

Coming workshops / events

For a list of CRC supported industry events and workshops including LambEx 2012 and WormBoss Worm Management, Flystrike Management, Bred Well Fed Well and Managing Scanned Ewe Workshops visit the CRC Events Calendar by clicking here.

Sheep and their management

Worm Management workshops are proving to be extremely popular with producers. For the latest information about this program including reproduction efficiency, parasite management and managing methane emission click here. To read latest Genomics/Genetics updates click here.

Meat quality

The team responsible for collecting and analysing meat samples from the Information Nucleus flock have continued over the last quarter to do a terrific job in meticulously analysing numerous samples and, most importantly, analysing and publishing the results. Click here to read more.

Wool quality

The CRC has developed a process for protecting wool against photoyellowing. The treatment process has been shown to be very effective in maintaining whiteness of garments under accelerated photostability testing and is expected to increase the range of situations where wool can be used. To read more click here.

Information Nucleus

During the last quarter, there has been additional genotyping data added to the database. This significant quantity of new information and the commencement of the second Genomics Pilot Project provided the justification to re-analyse all of the genomic association data. The results were very exciting! Click here to find out  more.

Education and training

Our first postgraduate students are now starting to find employment in the sheep/wool or allied industries. The final round of scholarship applications in November was successful in attracting a strong field of candidates and the CRC will hit its target of 35 postgraduate scholars. For a full update click here.


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