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UNE app development team leads the way for the sheep industry

Monday 22nd of August 2016
Johan Boshoff, Product Manager - Livestock App Building, UNE
Johan Boshoff, Product Manager - Livestock App Building, UNE

The team behind the popular web-based app RamSelect Plus is already turning its attention to finding new solutions to the data challenges facing the sheep industry.

The next project on the cards for the University of New England (UNE) Agile App team is to develop an early intervention sheep management app for the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) so that producers can ensure all animals in their care are healthy and productive.

“The new app team at UNE, led by Johan Boshoff, has delivered a win for the sheep industry with their first major job, the upgrade of RamSelect.com.au to include a range of new functionality, proving that our local team can provide world-class technology solutions,” Sheep CRC chief executive James Rowe said.

“The first version of RamSelect, launched last year, was developed through a collaboration with Telstra and Pivotal Labs, and introduced the Sheep CRC to the highest levels of app building skills and methodologies.

“It was a real challenge to see if we could achieve these standards through an ‘in-house’ team, rather than outsourcing and paying for contract development.

“It should be a source of pride for UNE that they have brought together a team that can provide ongoing app development services to the Australian sheep industry.”

UNE Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research, Professor Heiko Daniel, said the industry feedback following the launch of RamSelect Plus earlier this month, had been overwhelmingly positive.

“UNE has taken a strategic decision to invest in data systems that support regional industries,” Prof. Daniel said.

UNE Agile App team member Brad Scott hard at work on RamSelect
UNE Agile App team member Brad Scott hard at work on RamSelect

“Positive feedback from the livestock industry confirms the team has the necessary skills and ingenuity to achieve significant R&D impact through the development of software applications.

“Progressive research outcomes are delivered directly to the audience faster and cheaper than through traditional product development methods.”

Prof. Rowe said the decision was made just before Christmas to create the app team, with the process of “appointing staff, setting up the lab and producing a major app within six months a remarkable achievement”. 

“There is a growing list of apps on the job list, the first of which is a sheep wellbeing and productivity platform, with the first app designs currently due to be tested with end-users before the end of the year,” he said.


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