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Sheep CRC Final Conference puts the future in farmers’ hands

Wednesday 30th of April 2014
Professor James Rowe (CEO)
Professor James Rowe (CEO)

The Australian sheep industry will embrace the new information and practical tools developed over the last seven years by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) at its ‘Concept to Impact’ conference in Adelaide in July.

The Sheep CRC’s current term began in 2007 with the goal of transforming wool, meat and the sheep that produce them through the development and adoption of a series of innovative research programs.

The Sheep CRC’s successful campaign has converted research concepts into a series of practical and profitable tools which will continue to transform the sheep industry for years to come, and adoption of which will be the focus of the conference.

"The conference will focus on providing practical, take home messages for breeders, producers and companies in the meat and wool supply chains," Sheep CRC chief executive James Rowe said.


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