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Selecting for growth and fertility in South Australia

Wednesday 18th of July 2012

Key results from using ASBVs:

  • greater confidence in selecting rams than by visual selection alone
  • lambs are more uniform
  • feedback from processors is positive


South Australian prime lamb producers Glen and Jayne Tilley are achieving their aim of increasing the amount of lamb produced per hectare on their commercial lamb enterprise by selecting rams based on Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs).
The Tilleys have a breeding objective based on growth and fertility, regardless of whether they are breeding Merinos or first-cross lambs.

“We’ve swapped Merino bloodlines three times in the last 11 years as we have fine-tuned our breeding objective and aimed for plainer and more productive sheep,” Glen said.

“Using ASBVs gives me greater confidence in selecting rams that meet our breeding objective than if I were using visual selection alone. Regardless of whether we are buying Merino or Border Leicester rams, ASBVs are a critical part of our selection.”

ASBVs are calculated by MERINOSELECT and LAMBPLAN to compare the genetic potential of animals independent of their environment and location

DownloadSelecting for growth and fertility in South Australia (209 KB)