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Scanner Training Proves its Value

Monday 3rd of June 2013

The Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) has been supporting the delivery of training of scanning contractors as a means of improving their skills and accuracy when identifying pregnant and non-pregnant, and twin- and single-bearing ewes.

Operating as part of the Federal Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research’s CRC program, the Sheep CRC is a collaboration of industry, government and the commercial sector. It is working to increase productivity and profitability of the industry through new technologies for adoption by both the meat and wool supply chains.

Ultrasound scanning of ewes around mid-pregnancy allows producers to identify ewes carrying single or twin lambs so that they can be separated in order to provide appropriate nutritional management for each group. It is also possible to draft off non-pregnant ewes.

The workshop deals with best-practice management and monitoring of ewes through the third trimester of pregnancy and through to the next joining as this can also increase reproductive efficiency.

In his role as Sheep CRC Scanning Workshop Coordinator Chris Shands has coordinated almost 80 workshops throughout Australia, attended by more than 1600 producers owning 3.14 million sheep.

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