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Polled/Horned genomic test to be a winner for Merino breeders

Thursday 31st of May 2012

The Sheep CRC released ‘research breeding values’ for the horned/poll gene late last year following research in its Information Nucleus Flock. Results were made available for all rams submitted by breeders as part of its second Genomics Pilot Project.

Mr Michael will be one of a series of speakers at a Sheep CRC breakfast at LambEx 2012 in Bendigo on June 28, which will tackle how producers can use DNA testing for strategic breeding in a variety of flock structures.

The DNA testing conducted as part of the Sheep CRC research has helped Mr Michael identify a line of young rams with the pure poll gene, as well as accurate breeding values to predict traits including fleece weight, micron, staple length and intramuscular fat.

“The research breeding values provided by the Sheep CRC’s genomics research do not replace traditional breeding systems, but they assist in making much faster progress in breeding the type of sheep you want,” he said.

Download the full case study below.

DownloadPolled/Horned genomic test to be a winner for Merino breeders (243 KB)