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NSW sheep breeders embrace ASBVs at RamSelect

Friday 28th of February 2014

NSW sheep breeders are now making one of their biggest annual business decisions more easily and more accurately, having attended a Sheep CRC RamSelect workshop.

The RamSelect workshops help commercial producers, stock agents, and others, to update their skills in ram selection. The focus is on how to use figures from MERINOSELECT and LAMBPLAN in conjunction with visual selection.

The workshops have been a hit with sheep breeders Australia-wide, with 1389 producers and service providers attending 73 workshops over the last 18 months, including 32 in NSW, with 94 per cent of participants able to see a path to improved ram selection and increased farm returns as a result.

“In the evaluations of these workshops, people indicated that they were highly likely to recommend a friend or neighbour attend a RamSelect workshop ,” Sheep CRC’s genetics training project leader Lu Hogan said.

Download the full media release below.

DownloadNSW sheep breeders embrace ASBVs at RamSelect (230 KB)