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New LiceBoss website empowers producers

Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

The new LiceBoss website, www.liceboss.com.au, is putting the power in producers’ hands to make informed decisions about the best methods for controlling lice in their specific circumstances.

The LiceBoss website has been redesigned to provide sheep producers with universal access to best-practice extension advice, without having to leave the farm.

“The site features detailed advice in the form of fact sheets and ‘how to’ videos, as well as a series of interactive decision support tools,” said Dr Peter James, senior research fellow at the University of Queensland and the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation.

“These tools allow producers to enter information unique to their flock and environment to identify the best chemicals and methods for controlling lice for their situation,” Dr James said.

To read the full story download the media release below or to visit the new LiceBoss website click here.

DownloadNew LiceBoss website empowers poroducers (232 KB)