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Commercialisation manager to maximise impact of sheep research

Tuesday 4th of October 2016

The Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) has moved to maximise the ongoing impact of its research through the appointment of experienced agribusiness leader David Faulkner as its product commercialisation manager.

Mr Faulkner has worked in the animal health and feed industries since the ‘80s in Australia, Brazil, China and throughout South-East Asia, with his extensive resume including roles in sales, marketing and management for major firms including Alltech, Cyanamid Websters and SmithKline Beecham/Pfizer Animal Health.

Most recently he has run his own recruitment, training and professional development business in agriculture across the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr Faulkner’s new role is focussed on commercially positioning the range of products developed by the Sheep CRC since 2001 to deliver ongoing and economically sustainable benefits for the sheep industry.

“The focus of all of the Sheep CRC’s activities and the products it has developed since its inception has been to advance the Australian sheep industry,” Mr Faulkner said. “But with decreasing resources in the State Government extension services we need to be looking to new models for delivery of information and new products that are more commercially focused.

“My professional experience in the sales and marketing of products and services in the livestock industry has helped me understand Australia’s position as a major supplier of high-quality food and fibre to the world, and in this new role I hope to be able to contribute to the development of the livestock industry’s future through effective marketing of innovative products.”

The Sheep CRC operates as part of the Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s CRC program. It is a collaboration of over 40 organisations from across industry, government and the commercial sector, and includes producer groups, farm advisers, universities and research organisations, meat processors and retailers.

Mr Faulkner said working with this network of industry partners was an immediate priority in order to bring products to market as quickly as possible and ensure a rapid adoption rate by end-users.

“Another major objective for me is to develop new models for the commercial delivery of products in the genomic, data analytics and R&D areas that ensure that the positive impact of the CRC’s research continues to be available well after the end of the CRC in 2019,” he said

Mr Faulkner will work closely with producers, his industry network, the Sheep CRC’s researchers and app development teams to help shape the new products under development for advancing animal productivity and wellbeing.              

“An effective communication platform is essential to detail the products, their benefits and how to use them. It’s very encouraging that the Sheep CRC has already developed very effective communication methods including farmer meetings, its website and social media platforms which will be used to extend information the length and breadth of the industry,” he said.


Media contact: Michael Thomson, 0408 819 666.

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