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ASBVs turn Turkey Lane around

Tuesday 23rd of July 2013

How ASBVs have delivered:

- Combination of ASBVs and small management changes have increased wool flock returns by 400% over the last 13 years

- 2012 profit sitting at $525 per hectare

- A selection system based on ASBVs and indexes has transformed a 24 micron flock to a flock averaging 19 micron and producing rams in the top 1% of sires in the industry based on the Fibre Production + indexThe adoption of Australian Sheep

Breeding Values (ASBVs), and some small changes to management technique, have increased wool returns from the Kangaroo Island flock of John and Jo Symons by 400% over the last 13 years.

The Symons run ‘Turkey Lane’, a 530-hectare property located at Parndana. The property runs a commercial flock of around 6000 Merinos and receives an annual rainfall of 715mm.

But in 1999 the Symons operation was at a turning point - they needed to change the way they managed their farm or face an unviable future........

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