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Eastern Australia sheep worm outbreak
Worm control specialists are now receiving reports of extremely high, even dangerous, internal parasite levels in sheep from Tasmania and South Australia through to Western Queensland. Arthur Le Feuvre, manager of the industry’s web-based worm management resource-centre, WormBoss, says the outbreak is a direct consequence of the abnormal seasonal conditions across eastern Australia. Click Here To Read The Full Article »
Scanning for more lambs
Getting the most from sheep pregnancy scanning information is essential in lifting lamb survival across the flock. Nutrition of the ewe after scanning and the condition score of the ewe through pregnancy are major influences on lamb birth-weight and lamb survival at birth. Click Here To Read The Full Article »
Researching the sheep WOW factor
Imagine being able to get a daily reading on sheep weight gains (or losses) with just a few button clicks and kicking the recreational mustering habit? A Sheep CRC research trial is underway to establish the fit of ‘Mob-based Walk Over Weighing’ technology into a sheep enterprise and quantify the economic benefit of using MWOW as an aid to ewe and weaner management. Click Here To Read The Full Article »
The MatchMaker makes a mark
For most sheep breeders, the annual ritual of working out ‘who is whose’ is a vital yet laborious and costly exercise. Yet technology can now step in and automatically match lambs to their mums, in the paddock, and provide full pedigree information at a click. For many breeders, the advent of Pedigree MatchMaker technology is a blessing: costs are reduced, accuracy is high and the information collected can be used in... Click Here To Read The Full Article »