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Sheep Health Management Workshop - Miles, QLD

Tuesday the 3rd of April

To RSVP to attend this workshop email Louisa McKerrow at louisa.mckerrow@deedi.qld.gov.au

Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) sheep extension officer Alex Stirton said recent heavy rain in the sheep regions meant the threat of parasites and disease had increased.

“Both parasitic worms and OJD are known to prefer a wetter climate, so now is the time to be aware of potential health issues in sheep flocks and how to prevent or treat them,” Mr Stirton said.

“Worm burdens in sheep are severe enough to cause serious production loss and death and this in turn leads to big economic losses for the producer.

“The Sheep Health Management workshop will include information on worm life cycles, signs of an affected animal, and how test for and control worms.”

Mr Stirton said while Queensland was regarded as having a very low prevalence of OJD, it was important for the industry to keep it that way.

“OJD is a serious disease with no treatment options and it is vital that everyone involved with livestock takes great care to avoid introducing OJD into Queensland,” he said.

“At the workshop we will discuss details of the disease and the livestock transport requirements designed to stop its spread."