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Managing Scanned Ewes workshop - Mount Vernon (TAS)

Thursday the 4th of July

For information on this workshop contact Chris Shands on 0431 344 194 or via email to cgshands@gmail.com

These ½ day workshops focus on the management of pregnant ewes and give a good overview of joining, pregnancy and lactation as well as an introduction to some practical tools and skills. For those producers who have pregnancy scanned their ewes these workshops will help them get the most out of their scanned ewes. The workshops include some theory and practical hands-on sessions. If you think you and/or your neighbours would be interested in these practical training activities, please see contact details below for scheduled events or for more information on hosting one of these workshops in your area: Contact Chris Shands, Glenn Innes on 0431 344 194 - email cgshands55@gmail.com.