Pedigree MatchMaker (matching lambs to ewes)

The Pedigree MatchMaker is an electronic system which can determine with a considerable degree of accuracy which lamb belongs to which ewe. It uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags to measure data about the proximity of particular lambs to particular ewes as they pass through a gate to a water source.

About the Inventor

Steve Semple from Orange in western NSW. He has been involved in sheep research for almost 30 years. Before that he was in farm management. Steve originally came from Sydney, but went bush as a teenager and never looked back. Steve is fond of cricket and used to do some coaching, he also likes kayaking, and he plays golf when he can get some time.

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How Pedigree MatchMaker works

The design of the Pedigree Matchmaker is based around the natural tendency for a lamb to follow its mother. RFID tags are fitted to the lambs at marking time (the ewes are already tagged) and then a raceway or run is constructed which the animals have to pass through to get to a water source.

For the next 4 – 6 weeks, each time the sheep go through the run, a data reader registers the number on their RFID tag. The numbers are logged as well as the distance (in time) between each sheep or lamb. At the end of the 4 – 6 weeks a list of tag numbers is created and automatically analysed to count the number of close associations between a lamb and ewe. The distance and frequency of pairing will give an estimation of likely pedigree.

Testing has found that it is possible to determine with a high degree of accuracy the pedigree of around 95% of a flock of 400 ewes and lambs.


Pedigree MatchMaker systems can be made to varying levels of complexity depending on how much operator involvement is required and the amount of money to be spent. There are really three levels of complexity for these systems.

1. Basic system
2. Solar powered
3. Fully remote system

All rely on having an area fenced off, with something to attract the animals, such as water or a feed supplement in the enclosure. A raceway is then used to direct animals in single file past the RFID reader where their tags can be recorded.

It is important to exclude animals from direct access to electronic equipment and leads, as they will chew them. In addition animals must be excluded for about one metre from the outside portion of the reader, so that animals standing outside the race can’t get close enough to to be accidentally read.

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