Flock Profile - Merino

The genomc-based Flock Profile test was developed by team of researched from Sheep CRC, AGBU, NSW DPI and Sheep Genetics. The Flock Profile test is suitable for any commercial Merino breeder.

Flock Profile is a new tool available to commercial Merino breeders. Flock Profile estimates the genetic merit of a merino flock or drop which can be compared to the Sheep Genetics database. Flock Profile results deliver genomic breeding values for key Merino production traits and then scaled to Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV) level. This allows Merino breeders to track the genetic progress of their flock and make better ram buying and selection decisions.

What is Flock Profile

Flock Profile requires Merino producers to randomly select 20 sheep representative of a drop. They can either use blood cards or tissue samples to have the DNA from each sheep extracted. Once blood or tissue samples are submitted to the sheep genomics office and paid for, results are returned via email 10-12 weeks later. Results are presented on an ASBV level but are not ASBVs.

Flock Profile has been scientifically validated with internal cross-validation with industry data, matching Flock Profile data to historical ram team history and matching group phenotypes to group genotypes in a wether trial. Flock Profile is currently undergoing final pipeline stages. Pilot participants have been overwhelmingly positive about the information they receive in taking their breeding program in their commercial flocks of Merinos forward.

Please note that this is only for Merinos.

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