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PW3.2 Meat Science & consumer eating quality

July 2014

These Practical Wisdom Notes include practical information that the Sheep CRC has developed from the scientific research carried out during 2007–2014. It is intended as a source of information to help the Sheep Industry put into practice some of these new ideas.


  1. Achieving a brilliant finish to your lambs
  2. Achieving target pH and temperature declines to improve meat quality
  3. Bone growth and selection for muscling
  4. Intramuscular fat: The key to maintaining eating quality while improving lean meat yield
  5. Electrical stimulation for improved eating quality
  6. Meat colour and shelf life


  1. Optimising breeding objectives for current and future markets


  1. Lamb nutritional value
  2. Lamb weight and growth rate
  3. Lamb eating quality
  4. New breeding values for yield and eating quality

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Preparing the market for larger lamb carcases

November 2016

The percentage of heavy lambs (those greater than 25 kg carcase weight) in Australia’s national flock is increasing due to industry wide improvements in growth rates, carcase weights and leanness; largely a result of genetic improvement. This trend is likely to continue creating a strong disconnect between industry production trends and consumer wants and needs.
To maximise the utilisation of these larger carcases, research into new ways to break down a lamb carcase into smaller cuts as well as more information on the pricing and nutrition of those cuts, has been carried out.