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PW1.5 Precision Sheep Management

Profiting from Individual Electronic Identification (eID)

Gilgai Farms, Guerie NSW

March 2016

The Harvey family operate Gilgai Farms at Geurie in Central West NSW. They run a fine/superfine Merino flock and a Simmental beef herd on 2,800 hectares, which is grazed using Holistic Management principles.

The Harveys had been visually selecting, micron testing and fleece weighing their hoggets for some 15 years and were looking for the next productivity leap for their Merino flock. They decided to trial individual electronic identification technology so they could better identify highly productive animals for retention in the flock.

DownloadProfiting from Individual Electronic Identification (eID) (936 KB)

Pedigree Matchmaker - determining dam pedigree

August 2016

Recording full pedigree (sire and dam) will improve the rate of genetic gain in a ram breeding flock. Commercial producers are also interested in knowing dam pedigree as a way of monitoring individual reproductive performance in ewe flocks. Pedigree MatchMaker can be used in conjunction with sire joining records to determine pedigree and is less costly than DNA parentage tests or visually mothering-up lambs. In Sheep CRC trials, between 85–95% of lambs were matched to their dam with up to 96% accuracy using the Pedigree MatchMaker.

Individual Electronic Identification (eID)

Scott & Anna Brien, Bella Lana, Wellington NSW

October 2016

Individual animal performance measures were collected prior to and at the 2016 shearing for 990 Hoggets in the Bella Lana Flock. Prior to data collection, a number of hoggets were visually classed out due to obvious wool or structural issues. These animals did not have performance data collected.